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You may search Ocean and polar Research - professional academic journal published by Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute.
Ocean and Polar Research
Academic journal about marine science and technology
Ocean and Polar Research((ISSN: 1598-141X) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal whose aim is to achieve the advancement and dissemination of information describing the oceanography and polar researches.
The journal was first to be listed on 2002 National Research Foundation of Korea’s Journal Evaluation among local marine journals. The title has been maintained until 2007. It is the representative academic journal in the marine science field that is listed at Elsevier’s SCOPUS and other famous journal Database.
The paper is published four times a year (March, June, September and December), and distributed to 300 organizations and scholar globally.
  • Published four times a year (March, June, September and December)
  • Eligibility : none (Authors fee : none)
  • The copyright of published paper belongs to Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology.
  • Publication of special edition (symposium and workshop)

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[Articles] Extreme Tsunami Inundation at Babi Island due to Flores Earthquake Induced Tsunami in 1992 (Kyeong Ok Kim, Dong Chule Kim, Jin-Hee Yuk, Efim Pelinovsky, Byung Ho Choi) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Thorpe Scale Analysis using CTD Observations on the Continental Slope of the Southwestern East Sea (Seongbong Seo, Young-Gyu Park, Jae-Hun Park, Hee-Dong Jeong) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Arrangement Plan of Buoyancy Modules for the Stable Operation of the Flexible Riser in a Deep-Seabed Mining System (Jae-Won Oh, Cheon-Hong Min, Chang-Ho Lee, Sup Hong, Dae-Sung Bae, Jun-Hyun Lim, Hyung-Woo Kim) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] A Study on High-Resolution Seasonal Variations of Major Ionic Species in Recent Snow Near the Antarctic Jang Bogo Station (Hoje Kwak, Jung-Ho Kang, Sang-Bum Hong, Jeonghoon Lee, Chaewon Chang, Soon Do Hur, Sungmin Hong) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] A Study of Stable Isotopic Variations of Antarctic Snow by Albedo Differences (Jeonghoon Lee, Yeongcheol Han, Ji-Young Ham, Un-Sung Na) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Interannual Variability of Summer Chlorophyll in the Southern Ocean: ENSO Effects (Yong Sun Kim, Chan Joo Jang, Young-Baek Son) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] A Stock Assessment of Yellow Croaker using Bioeconomic Model: a Case of Single Species and Multiple Fisheries (Seonghyun Sim, Jongoh Nam) PDF FULL TEXT