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You may search Ocean and polar Research - professional academic journal published by Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute.
Ocean and Polar Research
Academic journal about marine science and technology
Ocean and Polar Research((ISSN: 1598-141X) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal whose aim is to achieve the advancement and dissemination of information describing the oceanography and polar researches.
The journal was first to be listed on 2002 National Research Foundation of Korea’s Journal Evaluation among local marine journals. The title has been maintained until 2007. It is the representative academic journal in the marine science field that is listed at Elsevier’s SCOPUS and other famous journal Database.
The paper is published four times a year (March, June, September and December), and distributed to 300 organizations and scholar globally.
  • Published four times a year (March, June, September and December)
  • 100 free copies are provided to authors
  • Eligibility : none (Authors fee : none)
  • The copyright of published paper belongs to Korea Ocean Research & Development Institute.
  • Annual outstanding paper award
  • Publication of special edition (symposium and workshop)

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[Articles] Particle Size Distribution Analysis of Mineral Dust in Polar Snow Using a Coulter Counter (Jung-Ho Kang, Heejin Hwang, Sang Bum Hong, and Soon Do Hur) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] A Leading-price Analysis of Wando Abalone Producer Prices by Shell Size Using VAR Model (Jongoh Nam, Seonghyun Sim) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] A Study on the Economic Values and Productivity Attained through a Reduction in Fishing Vessels Engaged in Coastal and Offshore Fisheries (Jong Du Choi) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Legal Issues Relating to Artificial Islands, Installations and Structures in the Exclusive Economic Zone or on the Continental Shelf and Korea’s Practice (Yong Hee Lee) PDF FULL TEXT
[supplement] Special Issue on the Development of Polymetallic Nodules in the NE Equatorial Pacific:Past, Present and Future
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[Foreword] Development of Polymetallic Nodules in the NE Equatorial Pacific:Past, Present and Future (Sang Bum Chi, Sup Hong) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Control of Manganese Nodule Characteristics by Volcanic Activity in the NE Equatorial Pacific (Wonnyon Kim, Seung Jin Yang, Sang-Bum Chi, Hyun-Bok Lee) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Composition of Rare Earth Elements in Northeast Pacific Surface Sediments, and their Potential as Rare Earth Elements Resources (Inah Seo, Sang Joon Pak, Hyeong Kiseong, Gee-Soo Kong, Jonguk Kim) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Stratigraphy of a Sediment Core Collected from the NE Equatorial Pacific Using Reversal Patterns of Geomagnetic Field and Be Isotope Ratio (Wonnyon Kim, Kiseong Hyeong, Gee Soo Kong) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Geochemical Properties of Deep Sea Sediment in the Benthic Environmental Impact Experiment Site (BIS) of Korea (Gee Soo Kong, Kiseong Hyeong, Hun-Soo Choi, Sang-Bum Chi) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Evaluation of Similarity of Water Column Properties and Sinking Particles between Impact and Preserved Sites for Environmental Impact Assessment in the Korea Contracted Area for Manganese Nodule Development, NE Pacific (Juwon Son, Kyeong Hong Kim, Hyung Jeek Kim, Se-Jong Ju, Chan Min Yoo) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Seasonal Variation of Planktonic Foraminifera Assemblage in response to Seasonal Shift of Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone in the Northeastern Equatorial Pacific (Yuri Lee, Hirofumi Asahi, Han Jun Woo, Hyung Jeek Kim, Seong-Joo Lee, Boo-Keun Khim) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] The Distribution of Epifaunal Megabenthos Varies with Deep-sea Sediment Conditions in the Korea Deep Ocean Study Area (KODOS) of the North-eastern Pacific (Ok Hwan Yu, Ju Won Son, Dong Jin Ham, Gun Chang Lee, Kyeong Hong Kim) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Performance Test for the Manganese Nodule Crushing Equipment of the Deep Seabed Mining Robot ‘MineRo’ (Ki-Young Sung, Cheon-Hong Min, Hyung-Woo Kim, Chang-Ho Lee, Jae-Won Oh, Sup Hong) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Basic Control Algorithm for Parallel Formation of Multi-mining Robots (Suk-Min Yoon, Tae-Kyeong Yeu, Sup Hong, Sang-Bong Kim) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Numerical Analysis of Deep Seawater Flow Disturbance Characteristics Near the Manganese Nodule Mining Device (Sung-Jin Lim, Yong-Bae Chae, Shin-Taek Jeong, Hong-Yeon Cho, Sang-Ho Lee) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Reliability-based Design Optimization on Mobility of Deep-seabed Test Miner Using Censored Data of Current Speed (Sanghyun Park, Su-gil Cho, Woochul Lim, Saekyeol Kim, Sung Sik Choi, Minuk Lee, Jong-Su Choi, Hyung-Woo Kim, Chang-Ho Lee, Sup Hong, Tae Hee Lee) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Dynamic Analysis of Tracked Vehicle by Buoy Characteristics (Hyung-Woo Kim, Cheon-Hong Min, Chang-Ho Lee, Sup Hong, Dae-Sung Bae, Jae-Won Oh) PDF FULL TEXT
[Articles] Analysis of Price Forecasting and Goodness-of-Fit of the Metals Extracted from Deep Seabed Manganese Nodules (Suk-Jae Kwon, Sun-Young Jeong) PDF FULL TEXT
[Note] Status of Manganese Nodule Samples in the Library of Marine Samples (Hyun-Bok Lee, Wonnyon Kim, Young-Tak Ko, Jae-Ryong Oh, Sang-Bum Chi) PDF FULL TEXT