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Ocean Science Library

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Ocean Science Library
  1. 1. Ocean Science Library Operation
    1. A. General support and operation of main and branch libraries
    2. B. Marine information collection, classification and informatization
    3. C. Reading room operation and information service provision
  2. 2. Literature information database establishment and retrieval system operation
    1. A. Library information management system and webpage operation
    2. B. Integrated management and establishment of database for published reports by researchers. Marine historical materials database establishment
    3. C. SCI/JCR information provision. FAO/ASFA operation.
  3. 3. Korean Ocean Science Library Establishment Planning
    1. A. Establishment of network between marine-related libraries. Acting as hub for all marine libraries.
    2. B. Marine images and knowledge documentation project
  4. 4. Publication of oceanographic technology journals
    1. A. Ocean Science Journal publication
    2. B. Ocean and Polar Research
    3. C. Publication of science journal for global readers
  5. 5. Publication of researchers’ reports
    1. A.Marine-related books, ocean science series, academic books
    2. B.Annual reports, leaflets, etc.